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Deadly Doggo™ - Dog Halloween Costume

Deadly Doggo™ - Dog Halloween Costume

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Let your doggo's inner monster run free with this Deadly Doggo™ Halloween Costume!

The Deadly Doggo™ Costume is the perfect fit for your pup this Halloween! They can chase you and get all the treats without even learning how to roll over. So, they'll thank you later!

One costume your pup will be thrilled to wear is this Deadly Doggo™ Costume. Nyahh! This half coat and hood make your dog's inner monster run free! A comfy costume that comes with a sweet yet creepy wig and a knife so he can cut up the bacon bits like a true psychopath.

Possessed Pooch

It's your job to remind your dog who's in charge. It's also very important to put him in the proper costume when he is possessed by the spirits of crazy killers. Fortunately, even if a few extra treats are requested, you'll have a great time with your little murderer in this costume.

Order Your Dog the Deadly Doggo™ Costume Today! ...or you'll be forced to play with him in the afterlife!

Here's a guide to finding your perfect fit:

 S: Chest girth: 15.7"-19.7"(40-50cm), Neck girth: 11.8"-13.8"(30-35cm) Suggest weight: 5-10kg

 M: Chest girth: 19.7"-23.6"(50-60cm), Neck girth: 13.8"-15.7"(35-40cm) Suggest weight: 10-20kg

 L: Chest girth: 23.6"-27.6"(60-70cm), Neck girth: 15.7"-19.7"(40-50cm) Suggest weight: 20-30kg

 XL: Chest girth: 27.6"-31.5"(70-80cm), Neck girth: 19.7"-23.6"(50-60cm) Suggest weight: 30-40kg


Note:  If your dog is between two sizes, please choose the larger one!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Tony Tolbert

We love the Deadly Doggo costume on our Shih Tzu. The hair didn't stay on very well, but still worth it. 👌


Perfect for the small dog who just stares at you.... :D

Michelle D.

Your frenchie needs this! As soon as I attached the knife, she knew what to do lmfao 😂 Best costume for a Frenchie


Fits my dog perfectly

Lisa Johnson

Loved loved loved it wig didn’t stay in too well but didn’t matter still super cute

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