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Pawy™ - Dog Hair Remover Gloves

Pawy™ - Dog Hair Remover Gloves

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Collect all your dog's hair in a straightforward move!

Dogs love our hair remover gloves Pawy™. Using them on your dog is a great way to spend quality time with him while ensuring you aren't neglecting your dog grooming duties.
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Safe and Non-Toxic Matrerial

The premium quality materials of our hair remover gloves are studied to be safe and not irritate your dog's skin. The dog hair remover gloves Pawy™ are a must-have gift for your dog!
Dog hair remover gloves Pawy after dog grooming
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

This glove worked better than expected and my pup loved it! My pup is brushed 3 - 4 times a week and still this much fur came off in a quick 2 minute rub down. Pretty amazing!

Rob Mc

Works very well

Kaitlyn Walley

The glove works great! Got a lot of hair off of her even after she was groomed the day before! Great for shedding dogs that may not love a brush.


I should have bought this months ago! I have been sweeping up to three times a day to pick up all the hair my dog has been shedding. I used the glove on him and there has been a dramatic decrease in his shedding. Seriously recommend to anyone that’s struggling dealing with their dog shedding.

Steven M.

Great tool to remove excess hair!! We couldn’t believe how much loose hair we removed with these gloves! Our dog loves it too, when she sees us put them on she runs over and sits right in front of us ready for her “massage”!

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