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Chewy Ball™ - Dog Tug Toy

Chewy Ball™ - Dog Tug Toy

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Prevents Unwanted Chewing Behaviours

Distract your furry friend from chewing your furniture, shoes, or other personal items! This dog tug toy helps release pressure on your dog's molars, significantly reducing unwanted chewing behaviors.

Dog tug toy Chewy ball prevents unwanted chewing behaviours of your dog

Dog Treat Ball

You can put dog food or snacks into the dog toy in four places. The snacks might fall out when the dog is playing with this toy, increasing the dog's interest and concentration.
You can put dog food or dog treats in dog tug toy Chewy ball

Avoid The Hassle Of Teeth Brushing

Every dog owner knows the struggle of trying to brush their dog's teeth and that most gum diseases in dogs occur under the gum line. Unfortunately, this means that your dog may be in pain without you even knowing! Our dog tug toy, Chewy Ball™, effectively cleans your dogs and gums, promoting healthy teeth while your dog plays.
Dog tug toy Chewy ball helps avoid the hassle of teeth brushing of your dog

Keep Your Dog Occupied All-Day Long

The Chewy Ball™ combines a dog's three favorite things – playing fetch, tug-of-war, and of course, doggy treats – keeping your dog busy & entertained while you go about your day.

Dog tug toy keeps your dog occupied all day long

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sturdy and engaging for teething puppies.

The inventor of this dog toy is a genius! Bandit is ten weeks old teething. I put a couple if treats inside and between chewing and tugging, it kept him entertained for an hour. I'm sure the nubs are also cleaning his teeth. If he gets bored with the treats inside, I'll try puppy toothpaste.

Teresa Vianes
Great for puppies who love to chew.

My 10 week old chihuahua yorkie loves it!! The bell makes it fun for her.

Remove the bell

Durability is good
Suction power is good if its on a smooth surface
sturdiness is okay depending if we're talking about the ball itself or the rope.

The most annoying thing about this item which is the reason I am giving this a 3 star is because there is a bell inside (this is not a toy for cats for god's sake) xD
she played with it once (see video) then keeps herself more busy with the rope its attached to...
Thou its my personal opinion and my dog is also an Akita which is close to behaving like a cat but for other dogs having a bell inside this toy is not recommended.

Jonathan B.

We bought this toy for our 5 month old cockapoo. It’s the perfect size for her! She managed to get the treats out but it took her quite a while - keeping a puppy occupied is key here even for a half hour! It’s very sturdy and even without treats in it she keeps going back to play with it. Note - these types of toys stick very well on vinyl floors or tile but not so well on hard wood planks.

Tyra M Ivy

This right here is doggy magic!! My Bella gets distracted easily for 5 -10 mins straight and she's a 11 week old puppy. It's fantastic! Easy to use, great colors, and just what a puppy owner needed to keep her busy!

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