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Doggo Jet™ - Revolutionizing Dog Bathing

Doggo Jet™ - Revolutionizing Dog Bathing







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The Fastest & Easiest Way To Bathe Your Dog!

Let's face it, giving dogs a good bath can be tedious and time-consuming, especially if your pup tries to escape at every opportunity. The Doggo Jet was designed to simplify your bathing routine, from mixing soap to lathering, scrubbing, and rinsing. Making baths much quicker, easier, and more effective!


Clean Down To The Skin!

Feel more confident that your dog is actually clean & healthy. With 2x more pressure than an average hose, 8 dog-tailored spray modes, and adjustable soap dilution, the Doggo Jet will remove any stubborn dirt underneath the coat. Mud, poop, sweat, dandruff – it'll vanish!

Doggo jet comes with extra shower adapter

Groomer Recommended, Dog Approved

It's no secret that most dogs would rather skip bath time. The Doggo Jet, however, creates a fast and seamless bath experience, helping your dog to stay calm during the process. Dog groomers have searched for the best way to bathe more dogs in less time without sacrificing their professional standards. With thousands of 5-star reviews and amazing stories, our Doggo Jet is the #1 most favoured choice for faster, easier, and more enjoyable grooming.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Erin Brown

I'm a professional dog groomer who works from home. I bought this nozzle because of another groomer recommending it and it was the best decision ever!! It makes washing the dogs sooo much easier and is way faster than mixing bottles of shampoo by hand. I absolutely love this.


I was excited to try this and am amazed to say it works wonders I use less of my shampoo and it get the dogs soapy and clean fast!


I have been looking for something like this for ages and just came across it. I knew as soon as it arrived it would work with the dogs, and also I realised that I could put lawn tonic in the bottle and it would work on the grass as well. There are quite a few settings on it - which is good when just gently watering the plants, but some of the other sittings allow me to use in hard to reach areas. Definitely recommend it.

Ian P.

This has changed bath time for my dog. He always makes such a big deal and I have to wrestle him to wash him. This cleans him thoroughly and quickly, no wrestling required. I love that you can manage how much soap you're using with the dispenser. I'll never go back to bathing my dog without this.

Virginia K.

As a dog mom of two hairy beasts, this soap dispensing hose attachment has made baths a breeze. Cuts the dog washing process in half. Love it!