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Foofield™ - Snuffle Mat For Dogs

Foofield™ - Snuffle Mat For Dogs

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Did you know that just 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour's walk?

There's nothing more our dogs love to do than to sniff, scratch, and search around for treats! The Snuffle Mat Foofield™ allows them to do that, all while in the safety of your home.
A dog trying to find treats in snuffle mat for dogs Foofield

Entertaining & IQ Training

Snuffle Mat Foofield™ is designed for dogs who love to sniff! Our dogs have a natural curiosity, superior sense of smell, and innate desire to work. The Snuffle Mat helps to train your dog's scent, burn some energy, and keep their brain busy!
A dog strugguling to find treats in snuffle mat for dogs Foofield

Simple & Easy To Use

It's super easy to set up. Just sprinkle a handful of your dog's favorite treats on the mat and give it a shake to ensure everything sinks to the bottom and that it will be enough of a challenge for your dog to sniff for treats.
Preparing the snuffle mat for dogs Foofield for using

Easy to Wash

All you got to do is unfold it and throw it in the washer. It's machine washable, and you can throw it in the dryer afterward. Then, you can fold this back up nice and compact when you're done.
Washable snuffle mat for dogs Foofield

Durable & Convenient

Snuffle Mat Foofield™ is made of durable 'anti-chewy fabric, waterproof oxford cloth, and an anti-slip pad. You can be assured it's built to last!

Durable and convenient snuffle mat for dogs Foofield

Snuffle Mat Foofield™ can expand to 48cm wide, and with the added drawstring, you can make it as big or as small as you'd like, ensuring the perfect size for all dogs.

Expandable snuffle mat for dogs Foofield

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Cathy B
Great Snuffle Mat

I bought this for my daughter's Cocker Spaniel puppy and she loves it. I've just purchased another one for my son's Golden Retriever puppy and it's a hit with him too! They're great for either putting kibble in or treats.

A. Galloway

My beagle puppy absolutely loves his new snuffle mat. He gets bored with normal toys quick, but he loves to sniff and dig into this mat and get some of those urges out. I definitely reccomend for dogs who like to dig or hide toys!


My Chihuahua is a fast eater. I was hoping she would take an interest in this and boy did she. She hardly came up for air. It definitely slowed her down and she seemed to enjoy the challenge. Well done!!


This thing was an instant hit! My dog loves sticking his face in. I like to his pieces of his food in there or break up some pieces of a treat. It’s really nice for when he has the zoomed to help calm him down


Pup immediately figured out the game. He is excited evertime we get it out. It keeps his attention.

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