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Snuffle Ball - Interactive Dog Toy

Snuffle Ball - Interactive Dog Toy

🧠 Enriching Mental Stimulation

💤 Tire Out High Energy Dogs Indoor

🧼 Machine Washable & Dryer Safe






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Keep your dog mentally active and reduce destructive dog behaviour!

The Key To Your Dog's Happiness!Watching your dog excitedly sniff out and pull the fabrics to get to the treats will bring a huge smile to your face. Not only is Snuffle Ball fun for your dog, but it also stimulates their minds, encouraging their natural problem-solving skills and sense of smell.


Safe and Durable

Snuffle Ball is made of high-quality materials that are both safe and durable for your furry friend. You can be sure that this toy will last through even the toughest of playtimes, giving your pup the joy and excitement they crave.

Easy to Clean

With its convenient design, Snuffle Ball can be quickly and easily washed in the washing machine, making it a breeze to keep it fresh and clean for your furry friend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Милена Сотирова

My dog loves this thing and keeps him busy for a while so I love it even more! Super happy.


Great (brain game) toy for my dog and pet pig. The dog loves playing with it and tossing it around. It’s also great exercise for my pet pig when I hide a few Cheerios inside the rolls. The fabric is soft and hopefully will hold up to my 45 lb canine. After she unraveled all the rolls I just stuff then back inside of the rubber ball with some treats.


My girl Piper loves her new snuffle ball! I load it up with her favorite chicken chips and she’s occupied for about 45 minutes. She has even started bringing it to me to fill up!

Amanda B.

So far so good! It’s taken at least an hour and she hasn’t finished it yet.

Bianka F.

This interactive dog toy is great! All of the strands in my photo were pulled out by my dog over two sessions. I had only rolled treats into about 10-15 of the ribbons but his interest in seeking and pulling persisted!
It does take time to roll the tests into the toy. I do it the night before I’m leaving him so it’s ready in the morning!
Very well made!